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WastePack P Waste Bag

The WastePack P Waste Bag hybrid features combine the ruggedness of inner corrugated for rigidness, with the flexibility of the outer woven polypropylene. It’s the most versatile, self-standing waste container on the market today under any indoor or outdoor conditions.  This product has great popularity among our customers!




UN Specification subject to change 

The WastePack P Waste Bag Series is a durable well built waste container which is specifically designed  for industrial waste management. We offer the best-in-class UN/DOT rated flexible cubic yard waste container on the market. These innovative collapsible hybrid container technology can reduce freight and warehouse costs by up to 50% compared to rigid, steel or plastic drums and reduce your carbon footprint.

Place the bulk storage bags at workstations and they can also serve as reusable storage receptacles for non-contaminated items. The flexible bulk bags provide numerous advantages over other bulky containers, like metal drums, paper bags and rigid IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), including providing storage capacity equal to four 55-gallon drums.

Ideal for hazardous and nonhazardous waste steams such as:

  1. Contaminated Soils
  2. Plating Sludge
  3. Asbestos
  4. Lead containing materials
  5. PPE
Part # UN number Dimension Component Packaging
WPP1.0 1.0 Cubic Yard 13H4/X/CAN/SYN-TEX 4-522/ 2450/1361 36″ X 36″ X 36″ Panel Bag 20 bags bundle
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