SCI Containers

Steel Salvage Drum

 Steel Salvage Drums are constructed of high quality carbon steel and meets the UN design type requirements. They feature yellow bodies with yellow or red covers, with a multi-lingual salvage drum logo in red. Other colors are special order with minimum quantity requirements.

Salvage drums are structurally designed for the following:

  • Contain leaking
  • Damaged or non-compliant packaging containing dangerous goods
  • Defective packaging solution
* UN/DOT Approved Steel Savage Drums
UN Specification subject to change

Steel Salvage Drums are consider to be the top of the best, currently offered Salvage drums on the market. We are proud to present the best quality and durability drums in the whole world. Open top with plain cover in 85 gallon capacity.

Part # Capacity UN Rating Closure Cover/Fittings Interior Lining Tare Wt
DSNH85 85 1A2/X427/S Bolt Ring w/ nut & bolt Plain Cover Unlined 85
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