SCI Containers

Plastic Drum Closed Head (Reconditioned)

(Reconditioned) Closed Head plastic drums are cleaned and tested to meet UN specifications. An economical and safe way to transport liquids or solids.
They are also ideal for storing hazardous dry or liquids materials for laboratories, manufacturing, and chemical processing.

(RECONDITIONED) CLOSED HEAD PLASTIC DRUMS – UN/DOT Approved Closed Head Poly Drums. *Please note, UN Specification are subject to change.

Available in the following sizes:

  1. 30 gallon
  2. 55 gallon 

See grid below for details:

Part # Capacity Closure Colors UN
DPRC30 30 Gallons Tight Head Blue and Black *Approved
DPRC55 55 Gallons Tight Head Blue and Black *Approved
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